Some of Our Leaders

Pastor Mondy Chery


A very devoted servant of Jehovah that has remained strong regardless of life challenges. She is a blessing to our church due to her determination to help everyone spiritually with their challenges.

Deacon Ronese Confident

Deacon Ronese Confident

A true blessing to our church. Her dedication, her determination and her unceasing and persistent prayers have been keeping our church spiritually strong against the constant attacks of the enemy.

Pastor Ludner Confident

Pastor Ludner Confident

Dr. Confident has been and continue to be a blessing to our church. His calmness is one of  his best gift to our congregation.

Brother Ricardo Pierre

Pastor Ricardo Pierre

A devoted brother with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. He's always positive and always shows the true love of Jehovah to everyone.

Pastor William Metellus

Pastor Williams Metelus

A very knowledgeable pastor with a lot of years of experience. He has a lot of passion for Christ.

Pastor Felician Kakure

Pastor Felician Kakure

He's a blessing to our congregation specifically the English congregation in the afternoon.

Pastor Fredo Alexandre

Pastor Fredo Petit Frere

Very Devoted and committed to Jehovah to help our congregation in the best possible  ways.

Pastor Marcelin Janet

Pastor Janet Marcelin

With a gift of service, he's a strong servant of Jehovah always willing to help with courage and determination.

Pastor Lamar Blanfort

Pastor Lamar Blanfort

He has been a blessing to the church because of his commitment to always help the congregation.

Deacon Lebien Prismy

Deacon Lebien Presmy

A servant of Jehovah with a lot of passion to study the bible with our brothers and sisters from the congregation.

Sister Monica Nicolas


She is the leader of the kids from our congregation. She has been doing an amazing jobs with them regardless of other personal commitments or how busy she is.

Sister Gabriela Charles


She's the leader of the youth. While it's a tough task, we are confident that under the direction of Jehovah she will continue to do a good Job.

Pastor Gaston Compas

The Head Pastor of the church a true servant of Jehovah that has been holding on regardless of the

The Head Pastor of the church a true servant of Jehovah that has been holding on regardless of the challenges that he's facing.